Enchanting, Magical and Fun

Photo by David Tett; courtesy of RAD

Photo by David Tett; courtesy of RAD

At Hummingbird, we believe that every lesson should take your child on a new and exciting journey, so we have created our own syllabus offering a unique, fun and imaginative lesson every week.

Our Hummingbird Chicks classes are fun, friendly and full of magic! They incorporate play and nursery rhymes whilst introducing ballet steps in an exciting way. These classes are offered to children aged from 2 ½ years.

Each of our bespoke Pre-School Ballet lessons incorporates storytelling and exercises to offer a magical adventure whilst also introducing age appropriate dance steps in a creative atmosphere. Set to a mixture of classical and children’s music, the classes help to develop rhythm and musicality in a fun yet structured way. The use of props improves self-confidence whilst aiding development, and encouraging co-ordination. These classes are offered to children aged from 3 ½ years.

Both our Hummingbird Chicks and Pre-School ballet classes are the perfect introduction to dancing for all boys and girls.

Ballet Classes

Beautiful, Graceful and Classical


Our ballet classes follow the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus, where children are encouraged to work towards examinations from aged 5 years and above.

This syllabus gives dancers a wonderful foundation to develop classical technique whilst enhancing their sense of performance. A variety of music is used in each class including traditional ballet extracts and well-known songs. We aim to provide each dancer with a musical style to suit their taste and make them smile!

The latest RAD syllabus also provides experience in Character work, where students learn traditional steps and movements from countries such as Russia, Hungary and Spain. Many of these styles are seen in classic ballets such as Swan Lake and Giselle.

The School offers RAD classes from Pre-Primary level, where children from 4 ½ years and over can attend. 



Modern Classes

Dynamic, Energtic and Rhythmic

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Our Modern Theatre classes follow the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance (ISTD) syllabus, which is highly energetic and rhythmical. Modern Theatre originated in America and is known for its theatrical qualities, which are often seen on the stages of musical productions today.

The classes develop co-ordination and core strength to allow dancers to perform energetic jumps, leaps and kicks. Rhythms, isolations and travelling steps are learnt through a combination of original music and modern pop music, ensuring fun for all.

Modern Theatre requires strength and flexibility and is a highly energetic dance style.

The School offers ISTD classes from Primary level for children aged 5 and above.



Private Lessons

Personal and Enhancing

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We offer private one-to-one lessons for catch up classes or those wanting a little extra help.

Our private lessons are tailored to each individual and students can greatly benefit from one-to-one expertise. Please get in touch for more information.


Children's Parties

Exciting and Delightful

Photo by David Tett; courtesy of RAD

Photo by David Tett; courtesy of RAD

We offer charming, tailor made, individual birthday parties for those looking for a special and memorable day!

We can cater for any theme from Princesses to Pirates, Super Heroes to Knights, so please get in touch so we can create that magical birthday!