Frequently Asked Questions


Why should my child dance?

Dance is within each and everyone of us. Children progress through trial and error and the caring feedback they receive. They learn by making mistakes and overcoming them, gradually developing their skills through practice, patience and the joy in achieving.

Dancing is much more than learning specific steps. It helps us to appreciate the physicality of movement, to understand our own bodies and to overcome our limitations.

Dancing will help your child to develop a wide range of skills such as:

·      Confidence

·      Self-esteem and self-belief

·      Listening skills

·      Good posture and suppleness

·      Poise

·      Musicality

To be a dancer requires discipline, hard work and practice. These are all excellent values for any child to learn and will help them to progress in other aspects of life.


What age do you start?

Our classes commence from 2 ½ years and above.


Can my child have a trial before enrolling?

Yes – please contact Miss Natasha to arrange your complimentary trial class.


Which syllabi do you offer?

We offer the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus for our classical ballet classes and Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance (ISTD) for Modern classes. Our Pre-School classes use our own syllabus to offer a fun and magical introduction to dancing,


Do you offer examinations?

Yes. As a school we encourage students to take part in examinations and push themselves to achieve the best results they can. We are proud to see students develop, improve and have their achievements recognised by an independent body. We also understand that not everyone wishes to enter for an exam and respect his or her choice as an individual. With this in mind, Hummingbird has additional options for rewarding achievement, such as presentations and class awards. Please contact Miss Natasha for more information.


What is involved in taking an exam?

When your child is invited to take an exam, you will need to attend a minimum of 2 classes a week to ensure that they can recall the work.

With the exception of Pre-Primary, most exams are entered in groups of up to 4.

Exams are held at the RAD Headquarters in Battersea and ISTD 2 in Old Street. The teachers and parents wait outside the studio whilst the examiner conducts the examination. The students show all of their exercises and 1 or 2 dances.

Results are processed by the RAD and ISTD and certificates are sent through to us 6-8 weeks after the exam.


Where can I buy uniform?

We supply all of our uniforms with exception of character shoes and skirts from Grade 1 and upward. Uniform items can be purchased in class or by email. Our Hummingbird ballet dress is bespoke to the school and cannot be purchased elsewhere.

Please email to order any uniform items.


How much do your classes cost?

The classes vary depending on length of lesson and level. Class prices begin from £8 per class. Please contact Miss Natasha who can inform you of our class prices.


How often are fees paid?

Fees are paid 3 times a year, in advance of the new term.

Invoices will be sent to parents/carers via email before the end of the each term.

Full payment should be made via BACS before the 1st class of the commencing term.


My child has just enrolled, when should I pay my fees?

If your child has completed their complimentary trial class and wishes to enroll for the remainder of the term, an invoice will be sent via email and payment should be made before attending the next class.

It is essential that you allow to your safe senders list once your have enrolled so your invoices do not end up in your spam mail.


How do I make a payment?

Payments should be made via BACS.

Our account details and payment reference can be found on your invoice.